Aquamarine Tumbled Stone Pendant

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Crafted using an Aquamarine tumbled stone, an Aquamarine Tumbled Stone Pendant is a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one as it is filled with the energy of peace and harmony. Such a piece is also known to help one have a sense of tolerance and understanding around people that would normally get on your nerves or rub you the wrong way.

Aquamarine is a crystal that focuses on harmony and peace with its colour being reminiscent of a calm and still mountain lake that is sparkling in the sunlight. Its peaceful blue hue can help to calm the most overactive mind as it works to prevent you from ‘drowning’ in your emotions and overactive thought processes. Such a crystal has also been used over the centuries by sailors, fisherman and other boat faring people as a talisman against drowning – hence its calming energy of which is known to keep the stormy seas calm.

Each Aquamarine Tumbled Stone Pendant is approximately 1.5cm long with a Sterling Silver cap moulded to the top adding a beautiful finish, or has been drilled with a metal alloy bail glued within, making it perfect to hang from a leather cord or chain. As each pendant is unique, we will choose the piece with the highest resonance at the time of your order.

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