Crystals for Christmas

Crystals for Christmas

Posted by Rev. Joshua Sidgwick on Dec 20, 2020

While times of celebration are meant to be joyful, there are times where this is not the case and this is where the Crystals for Christmas come into play.

When family comes together, it is often a time of joy and wonder as you all dine together, exchange gifts and celebrate with each other the good tidings and cheer of the season. However, there is a lot of preparation that goes on with this and, as such, there can be quite a bit of stress and heightened emotions.

This includes things such as the meal preparation, travel times, present purchasing and other things that can lead to stress. As such, this can bring quite a bit of disharmony to a time that is supposed to be one of joy and merriment.

It is often the case that we have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas that is one of joy, unity, peace and harmony, as there is much debate over the true origins of Christmas, In truth, this does not matter as it is about wondrous and joyful things as is a time of peace and good will which helps everyone feel just that little bit closer and united.

While there are many crystals for Christmas that can help you find the joy and peace of this time, there are some that are perfect for helping you to cope with any forms of stress that may occur.

Five Crystals to Help You During Christmas


Lepidolite is a purple crystal that forms in various shades of this gentle colour. This crystal emanates an energy of peace and harmony of which unites all people during this time of joy and good will for all.

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is a crystal that is a form of Obsidian with brown patches through its form. This crystal helps with times of stress as it exudes a soothing energy of which can calm even the most heightened of emotions.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is a crystal that looks like wood as it is part of a mineralised tree of which took millions of years to form. This crystal is known for its energy of remembrance so it helps us remember and hold the true meaning of Christmas in our minds as we celebrate such a joyous time.


Pietersite is a crystal that displays flashes of red, blue and/or yellow as shimmers like a cloud in a lightning storm. This crystal is known to provide a ‘calm in the storm’ so this is the perfect crystal for keeping people calm and centred during a time like Christmas.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is a yellow form of Jasper that is opaque and can be found with other Jaspers as well. This crystal is known as a ‘travellers stone’ of which provides a level of energetic protection for when you are travelling to and from various places for the holidays.

During such a time of joyous celebration, and often some stress, I hope that these crystals for Christmas can help you at such a time. I also hope that you have a joyous time, whatever you choose to celebrate and have a safe and happy time as well.

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