Halloween: The Time When the Veils are Thin

Halloween: The Time When the Veils are Thin

Posted by Rev. Joshua Sidgwick on Oct 20, 2020

Even though it’s Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, many in this Hemisphere celebrate Halloween as it is the time when the veils are thin. Many choose to perform various forms of spirit work at this time as it is common belief across the globe that such a time is good for doing exactly this - complete with trick-or-treating and costume parties.

Halloween is believed to have originated from the Celtic-Pagan festival known as Samhain of which was to celebrate the end of the harvest with bonfires, feasts and honouring of the ancestors before heading into Winter. It was a time of wondrous joy and merriment which was to also celebrate the time before the ‘death’ of the Horned God before he was to be reborn in Spring.

It is thought that during the 9th century that the Catholic Church Christianised the holiday to be that of ‘Halloween’ or ‘All Hallows Eve’ which was before ‘All Saints Day’ on November 1st to honour the Saints. That aside, people in the modern day have brought a lot of the old traditions to the now and have adapts them with the likes of trick-or-treating, costumes and parties, rather than traditional feasts.

Along with these celebrations, Halloween has also become a time of exploring the metaphysical worlds also known as ‘the Other Side’. Such a time is when people conduct seances, use Ouija Boards, Read the Tarot and utilise many other forms of divination to contact the Spirit World as the ‘walls’ are very thin at this mystical time.

While such spirit work is all well and good, it is very important for you to stay safe when working with the spirit world. There are certain things can help you stay safe on a metaphysical level so that you can conduct your spirit work with ease.

White Sage & Palo Santo Twin Pack can help you cleanse the space you are working in of various negative entities with ulterior motives. By burning these, the smoke filling the space creates a portal which the negative energies are pulled into and cast out.

Something else that can help cast out the negative entities is that of a Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone. This crystal is like the black hole of the mineral kingdom as it pulls the negative entities into itself to cast them out of your space.

After you have cleared your space, some candles like some Dragons Blood Perfumed Tealights not only provide illumination, but the scent also provides a level of metaphysical protection. The same goes for a Devotional Tealight & Holder as the symbol of the cross is a universal symbol of spiritual protection as well.

From there you are ready to do some spirit work using various mediums like PendulumsTarot & Oracle Cards, and even some magick work with a Magic & Spell Kit.

Afterwards you can then cleanse the space with some more White Sage & Palo Santo to close off the space easily and gracefully.

Just remember to play it safe when working with the spirit world as it is very real and the lasting effects from this work can be very real as well.