Statues - The Embodiments of the Divine

Statues - The Embodiments of the Divine

Posted by Rev. Joshua Sidgwick on Sep 20, 2020

Statues and other depictions of divine beings appear in almost every culture of the world. It is often thought that this is due to humanity’s desire to connect with the divine through a familiar form. A form that is tangible and as real as the flesh and bone that make up our human bodies. While this may be a more anthropological way of looking at a statue, another, more spiritually focused way of looking at a statue of a divine being, is that it is an embodiment of that divine being.

To many people in India who have statues of worship to deities such as Lakshmi, Ganesh and Shiva, to name a few, these statues are a way that the divine beings can literally come and bless them, their home and their family. As such, the people often place offerings of food, flowers, incense and other things before these statues so that the deity can come forward and enjoy the offerings. Of course, this is not limited to India as there are many people around the world embracing the concept of having a statue (or three) in their home or space.

In fact, for many centuries now, many Christians have had multiple statues of Jesus, Mary, Saints and of course crosses and crucifixes throughout their homes. This is believed to bring in the Light of Christ and bless the home or space with the love of God. As such, they can be seen as embodiments of the Divine.

Brought about by ancient Chinese tradition, the art of Feng Shui encourages the placement of different statues and figurines in certain places aligned to an energy map known as a ‘Bagua’. These are believed to bring in certain divine energies that keep the space balance and flowing with life force of which as referred to as ‘Chi’. With such an energy as Chi, these divine energies can come from the Heavens to bless the area here on Earth.

Something that has become quite popular in recent years are thy of Angel Statues, particular Archangel Statues. According to many spiritual texts, there is a a Cosmic Law that states that angels cannot act unless asked for help - with the exception of a life or death situation. A way around this in the form of a Cosmic Loophole is to have a statue of an Angel or Archangel in your home or space. This in effect is inviting the Angel or Archangel to come into your home to protect and bless all who inhabit that house.

Of course, these are just a few examples with so many more cultures around the world having their own statues. Some of these Divine Energies that you can bring into you home through statues that you can find within Ravens Divine are:

  • Archangel Gabriel - An Archangel Gabriel Statue can bring this wondrous Archangel into your home so that they can work to carry your prayers from the Earth to the Heavens with ease.
  • Holy Family - A Holy Family Statue is a triple energy statue as it has Jesus, Mother Mary and Saint Joseph standing together. This brings in the help of these three to bring the love of God into your home while helping to unite family members in a loving unit.
  • Quan Yin - A Quan Yin Statue can help bring this lovely being’s compassionate energy into your home to help quell any anger and frustration through understanding and love.
  • Celestial Animals - These Four Celestial Animals focus on particular areas of the home and are sure to help bring balance through the focus of Feng Shui energies.
  • Crucifixes & Crosses - A Crucifix or Cross is a wondrous thing to have in your home if you would like to bring the love of God into your home as it has a great focus on that of Jesus Christ. Just remember: A Crucifix has the body of Christ on it, known as a Corpus; whereas the Cross does not.

These are just some of the statues found here at Ravens Divine and it is very important to look for and find what resonates the most for your home. After all, a statue is the embodiment of the Divine, and through this, they may come forth and help you at anytime.