The Magic of a Coloured Candle

The Magic of a Coloured Candle

Posted by Rev. Joshua Sidgwick on Nov 20, 2020

While candles have burnt on altars for millennia in honour of various deities or to manifest change, there is something pretty powerful that comes about when the magic of a coloured candle is taken into consideration. The beauty of a coloured candle is that it does not matter what size or shape the candle is, for it is all about the colour and the intention that can be set with it.

As humans, it seems that most of us are very visual creatures as we tend to notice more with our eyes that our other senses – in magic, this is no different. Our sense of sight, when it comes to colour, is incredibly powerful as seeing such things can invoke an array of emotions within us. As Red tends to invoke the energy of Fire, active and passionate thoughts, Blue tends to invoke the energy of Water, cool and calm thoughts.

In candle magic, the same thing happens – it provides us with a focus point for the magic at hand. By stimulating various emotions within us, the coloured candle before us can help us focus on the change we are wanting to manifest around us. Through such intentions of change, the candle becomes a beacon, as it sends out a light drawing the energy that is aligned with our intention toward us.

Some people see candle magic as making a wish, like that of blowing out a birthday candle where you set your intention before extinguishing the flame and letting your wish go out into the Cosmos to manifest. In reality, this is just a different form of candle magic, though the principle is the same. As such, this just shows that a small candle, like an aptly named Wish Candle, can be just as powerful as a big pillar candle. It all comes down to the colour of the candle and the intention being set.

Coloured Candle Meanings and Uses

Black Candles are amazing for bringing about the energy of protection as they can create a void like that of a black cloak that can help hide your presence from anything that wishes to cause you harm. They can also be used to banish evil spirits, because many people feel that an evil spirit is ‘black of heart’, these entities are drawn into the blackness where they are transported out of sight and mind.

Blue Candles are great for enhancing communication with their link to the Throat Chakra of which is the energy centre located in the centre of the neck. It is also a colour that enhances loyalty between people while helping all involved embrace the energy of forgiveness if things become tense or mistakes happen.

Brown Candles are awesome for enhancing the act of grounding as they are linked to the colour of fresh earth and dirt, which is also great for grounding and centring. Such a colour also helps with stabilising any thoughts, ideas and projects in motion as this colour brings in the concept of a solid foundation like earth beneath a structure.

Green Candles are wonderful for manifesting abundance and prosperity as they a reminiscent of the lush green fields in nature, brimming with life and ever so fertile. Or, if you are in a country like the USA, the colour of the bank notes used as currency. These coloured candles can also be used for bringing about healing due green’s link as well with the healing power of nature.

Grey Candles are great for bringing about a sense of balance in life as it is a combination of the shades of white and black. Such balance benefits any ritual or spell where a neutralising effect is desired so that everything is on even ground and nothing is stronger than the other.

Lavender Candles are lovely for enhancing the peace and harmony as they bring about a calm and gentle energy that is reminiscent of the lavender flower. Due to this calming energy, they are also fantastic for conducting dream work as it helps to mind switch off and allows the sub-conscious to come to the fore.

Light Blue Candles are fantastic for helping to dispel anger and instil calm as they are like the sky on a clear day, soft and soothing. Like a clear day, where you can see forever, light blue is a truth-seeking colour as it calmly reveals the truth of situations while clearing any tensions attached to the situation.

Light Green Candles are wonderful for aligning one’s energy to that of luck and chance as it is reminiscent of the four-leaf clover that is so often sought by people looking for good luck. In this regard, such a colour enhances spells and rituals as it brings in the energy of luck so that there is a higher chance that what is desired will manifest more easily.

Orange Candles are marvellous for bringing about the energy of empowerment that leads to the determination for success in any and every endeavour. This is especially the case if justice is the desired outcome where fairness is achieved for all involved.

Pink Candles are lovely for enhancing about the energy of romance in relationships while helping to bring in the energy of affection and caring that can enhance the relationship on both sides. Femininity is also enhanced by pink as it is seen as a soft and feminine colour by many.

Purple Candles are awesome for bringing about an enhancement in spiritual energies in one’s life of which leads to the devotion of the self and deities that can lead to a wealth of good things in life. Through such things also comes the healing of mind, body and soul as purple can lead to the unification of these.

Red Candles are sensational for drawing strength and courage into any situation where these attributes are needed as it helps to renew a sense of passion that resides within to get things done. The colour of red can also rekindle the passion of love that may have become stagnant in various relationships over time.

White Candles are wondrous for purifying the space before any rituals or spells take place as they shine a bright light that clears away any negative or hindering entities. As it does this, the colour of white also brings about an energy of peace, hope, and faith in the sense that what is being done will have a positive effect and outcome for all involved.

Yellow Candles are sensational for enhancing self-confidence when it is lacking while bringing in the energy of happiness and joy. Being the optimistic colour, yellow, like a sunny day also brings about clarity as it illuminates all of that which is around.

Knowing what the colour of a candle in candle magic can do, it is time to look at practising candle magic in a safe manner.

Candle Magic Safety

Before you look at performing candle magic, it is best to look at some safety tips.

  1. Chooses a flat and fire-proof surface: This is essential as you do not want your lit candle to fall over, or if it does, you certainly do not want the surface it is on, or that which is nearby, to catch fire. An altar table, shelf, or other flat and stable surface that is free of fabric or curtains is most ideal.
  2. Do NOT leave the candle burning unattended: This is the most important safety tip of all as you simply do not know what could happen if you left the candle burning. It could spark and something could catch on fire; a pet could bump and knock the candle over; the wax could spill over and ignite, causing damage and other things to catch on fire – the list goes on.
  3. Do NOT use flammable oils: If you choose to consecrate your candle with essential oils, make sure that they and the carrier oil is not flammable. Otherwise this could ignite and cause a fire to break out.
  4. Keep some water nearby: In many magical practices, it is quite common to see a cup, goblet, or chalice of water nearby. Yes, this is to represent the Element of Water and to possible be consumed during the ritual, but the beauty of having this nearby is that if things caught alight, you can use this to extinguish it quickly and easily.
  5. Use a stable and correctly fitting candle holder: This cannot be stressed enough, for if the candle does not fit properly, it could fall and cause things to catch on fire.

Now that you know some of the important safety tips for candle magic, you can now learn about how to perform a simple Wish Candle Spell.

Performing a Simple Wish Candle Spell

While this is referred to as a ‘Simple Wish Candle Spell’, the process can be anything but simple. It is only referred to as this as we are using just the Wish Candle as the focal point. Other spells can involve incense, oils, crystals, and all other forms of sundries to enhance the candle magic experience.

First thing is first: Setting your intention. Is it abundance? Is it healing? Or is it truth? Once the intention is set, it is then time to select the coloured candle aligned to the intention. You can use the coloured candle list above to help with this selection process if you choose to.

Once you have your intention set, it is time to set up your space with the candle in its suitable holder. Remember, setting the candle up on a flat, fireproof surface is the way to go. Make sure you have some matches or a lighter nearby as there is nothing worse than breaking your concentration to find something to light the candle with.

With that all sorted, it is time to stop and take a few deep breaths while focusing on your intention. As you do so, feel yourself breathing in the energy of power. Often this can be seen a coloured light that is the same as your candle colour.

When you exhale, see in your mind, this colour being transformed into symbols or images of what you are seeking. See these symbols and your coloured breath swirl around and enter the physical candle, charging it up with energy.

For abundance, you may see bills marked paid in full or currency symbols. For healing, you might see medical symbols or the person needing the healing looking healthy and whole. Go with whatever is right for you. Intuition is key.

When you feel the time is right, focus on your intention, light the candle, and allow it to burn for as long as you feel is necessary. You may also sit and focus on ways that your intention can come into your life. Trusting this process is key.

Once you feel the time is right, you may extinguish the flame with a candle snuffer or with your breath, it is up to you. Remember to say thank you and express gratitude to the energies involve in this spell as this helps manifest your desire.

Please remember too, that it is NOT recommended you leave a candle burning unattended.