The Power of An Abundant Scent

The Power of An Abundant Scent

Posted by Rev. Joshua Sidgwick on Aug 20, 2020

When it comes to abundance and prosperity, particularly in relation to money, this topic, more often than not, tends to be something that can invoke a lot of fear and anger with people as it seems that so many of us harbour deep resentment towards money. The reasons for this can be many and varied including, but by no means limited to: Past life issues, childhood poverty, having debts and having people demanding money.

Even though these issues may be present, there are ways to help shift the energy in the present moment to that of being open to abundance and prosperity. One of the key ways to do this is with that of the power of an abundant scent. An abundant scent can be that of an essential oil or incense and in this case, we shall explore the power of four incense types that can help with this.

First up is Fortune Incense. As its name suggests, this incense helps to bring about the energy of good fortune and opens you up to receiving the good life has to offer you. With key notes of lilac and pine, Fortune Incense is a wonderfully floral yet woody scent that brings you to an abundant forest grove where you can sit and be, knowing that good fortune is coming your way.

Secondly comes Cinnamon Incense. This delightfully sweet and spicy fragrance will help to ground you in the present moment while giving you a sense of the sweetness that is coming to you. Cinnamon incense will also help keep you safe from any wayward energies that want to draw the energy of abundance and prosperity away from you.

Third is that of Success Incense. With hints of a bouquet, cinnamon and spice, this Success Incense is sure to bring in everything nice. Its spicy scent lifts your thoughts to the abundant heavens so that you may focus on the wonder that is prosperity and the knowledge that you deserve to be successful.

Last, but certainly not least, is Lotus Incense. Being such a soft and floral scent, this Lotus Incense helps you to float away of a cloud of prosperous bliss as you float along an abundant river like the lotus flower. Its soft and floral fragrance is reminiscent of that of the many prosperity Gods, Goddesses and Angels who shower all with prosperity.

With these four scents at hand, you can discover the power of an abundant scent and bring forth the abundance and prosperity you desire and require ensuring that your worthiness of abundance is up there.

Please keep in mind though, that whenever you burn incense you will need to do so on an ash-catcher or flat fire-proof surface.