The Power of Cinnamon

The Power of Cinnamon

Posted by Rev. Joshua Sidgwick on Sep 10, 2020

Cinnamon - is there anything this wondrous spice can’t do? Crafted from the bark of various trees in the cinnamon family, this spice is often powdered, but it is also found in stock form where the bark has been dried to the point of it curling up to be like that of a stick. Naturally, when I think of cinnamon, the thought of hot cross buns at Easter smelling lovely and freshly baked springs to mind. But that mouth watering thought aside (for now anyway), there are many amazing things that can be done utilising the power of cinnamon.

Now cinnamon, both powdered and in stick form, can most often be found in the herbs and spice section of most grocery stores, quite inexpensive too depending whether it is a brand packet or not. As such, it is a quite accessible magickal tool due to its availability and can be great for people starting out on their Magickal Journey - particularly if they are on a budget. Of course, this is something cinnamon can help with as well.

One of the powers of cinnamon is that of helping to manifest abundance and prosperity in life. As it is a warming spice, cinnamon seems to be able to help stoke the fires of passion within that drive the manifestation process within us all. As a lot of what drives us in life is the need for abundance and prosperity, such a spice as this is able to help us align ourselves to that which draws abundance to us through our true passions.

Back to the hot cross buns, it is quite interesting that cinnamon is a key spice in these, along with dried fruit and other ingredients. Cinnamon is known to have blood thinning properties due to an active constituent being that which is known as an anticoagulant. It is believed that in the 14th century ACE (After Common Era), a monk from the St Alban’s Abbey in England mixed cinnamon with the bread, baked and marked with a cross of course, that was to be distributed to the poor.

As this was after the Black Death had torn through most of the known world, people still were unsure about gathering in large groups and so those who were frail or ill could eat bread marked with a cross as a form of Holy Communion. Due to the active constituent in the cinnamon, people seemed to become less susceptible to the bubonic plague that was the Black Death as this plague caused blood clotting among other issues that led to some other major complications - often leading to death. As such, they had uncovered the power of cinnamon that is healing through both physical and magickal means that were enhanced by the bread being blessed. (Of which is a form of manifestation and magick, whether the Church or other people agree or not)

Another power of cinnamon is that of protection. As it is warming scent, burning Cinnamon Incense can ward of any negative entities that are trying to hinder your journey. A lot of entities like things to be stagnant and still as they can slip in and hide where they like. With its anticoagulant properties, cinnamon incense acts like a metaphysical blood thinner that shifts the stagnant energy to a flowing one where the negative entities cannot stay and thus flow away on the smoke. Alternatively you can tie a bundle of cinnamon sticks in gold ribbon, or a gold curtain tassel works well too, and hang these above your front door to keep negative entities at bay and bless all who walk under it with abundance.

So, there you have it – the powers of Cinnamon. Be sure to incorporate it in your magickal practices and watch the wondrous changes on your life appear as it helps you on your journey.