Blue Agate Candle Holder

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If you are looking for a décor piece to enhance your relaxation space, this Blue Agate Candle Holder is perfect for this as its lovely colour and bands help you find the core of various issues so that you can work through and release them with ease.

Crafted from Agate that has been dyed blue, this Blue Agate Candle Holder is a gorgeous piece to adorn your home or sacred space as you can burn your favourite coloured tealights within to provide a lovely glow.

Agate is known to be a harmonising crystal that helps people work through the layers of various issues so that truth may be illuminated in all situations. It also works to bring about a sense of calm, making it ideal for meditation and relaxation practices that focus on finding the core of various issues in life.

This Agate candle holder measures approximately 12cm across, 10cm wide and 2cm high and has a felt lined base so it is not likely to scratch the surface that it is placed upon.


Agate is a form of crystal that comes in many varieties and colours as it has bands and other patterns throughout its form. It forms through many layers of microscopic quartz crystals being compressed over time with incredible heat and the presence of many periodic elements.

In the ways of healing the Body, this crystal is known to aid digestion and help to relieve gastritis as it works to clear various blockages and issues by  clearing things layer by layer.

When it comes to healing the Mind, Agate can help to enhance concentration during times of confusion and distraction as well as helping one look upon things with an analytical and understanding mindset.

As for healing the Soul, it brings in the energy of balance as it harmonises the dualities within so that a calm state is found where the masculine and feminine, positive and negative and other paradigms of duality do not try to dominate each other.

Agate is connected to the Energy Field more than any particular Chakra due to its many layers being similar to the bands of energy that form one's aura. It is incredibly cleansing for the energy bodies as it can work through, like a sieve, and cleanse out the old energies that hinder the journey of life.

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