Blue Topaz Tumbled Stone Pendant

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Crafted using a Blue Topaz tumbled stone, a Blue Topaz Tumbled Stone Pendant is a lovely gift for yourself or loved one as it is brimming with the energy of the angels and the wisdom they offer to all of us in everyday life. Such a piece with its soft blue hue casts forth the energy of truth as well so that you can communicate your own truth with ease.

Blue Topaz is a crystal that has a strong connection to the Angelic Realms due to its colouration and its focus on divine insight as such angelic beings help us to see the truth in that which is around us. It also helps to soothe the Throat Chakra, the energy centre which is located in the centre of the neck, as this is all about communication and truth. Such a crystal also assists us with seeing the truth during times of meditation where some things may be hidden from us due to our conscious mind getting in the way.

Each Blue Topaz Tumbled Stone Pendant is approximately 2cm long and has been drilled with a metal alloy bail glued within, making it perfect to hang from a leather cord or chain. As each pendant is unique, we will choose the piece with the highest resonance at the time of your order.

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