Christmas Crystal Kit

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This Christmas Crystal Kit is perfect for carrying with you during the holiday season as it helps to anchor the energy of good times, merriment and joy during such a time. Though such a time can be stressful, these crystals can help calm your jangled nerves and help to remind you of the true meaning of this joyous time of year.

Within this unique Christmas Crystal Kit you will find the following crystals:

  • Lepidolite - This lovely purple crystal emanates an energy of peace and harmony of which unites all people during this time of joy and good will for all. 
  • Mahogany Obsidian - This wondrous black and brown crystal helps with times of stress as it exudes a soothing energy of which can calm even the most heightened of emotions.
  • Petrified Wood - This amazing brown crystal is known for its energy of remembrance so it helps us remember and hold the true meaning of Christmas in our minds as we celebrate such a joyous time. 
  • Pietersite - This gorgeous multi-coloured crystal is known to provide a ‘calm in the storm’ so this is the perfect crystal for keeping people calm and centred during a time like Christmas. 
  • Yellow Jasper - This powerful yellow crystal is known as a ‘travellers stone’ of which provides a level of energetic protection for when you are travelling to and from various places for the holidays.

Each crystal within your Christmas Crystal Kit will be intuitively chosen at the time of your order by our Healing Minister and Certified Crystal Healer, the Reverend Joshua Sidgwick, with the crystals that have the highest resonance being the ones that you shall receive. As these are natural tumbled stones, the crystals that you receive will differ slightly to that which is shown here.

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