Gold Tiger Eye Palm Stone

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Shaped from Gold Tiger Eye, a Gold Tiger Eye Palm Stone is an amazing crystal to have and hold as it helps you meditate upon the powers of Gold Tiger Eye and its encouraging energy. It also assists with making business decisions to ensure success within the business.

A palm stone is fantastic for holding in the palm of your hand during times of meditation or even during times where you are feeling anxious or stressed. During times of stress, you can hold a palm stone in your palm and run your thumb or another finger over it just to focus on and feel the smooth and soothing energy that comes from the crystal.

A Gold Tiger Eye Palm Stone can help bring about a sense of courage and confidence when it is needed in everyday life as such a piece can easily be carried one’s pocket, wallet, or bag.

Each of these palm stones measures approximately 4cm long, 3cm wide and 1cm thick and, as each piece is unique, we will choose the one with the highest resonance at the time of your order.

Gold Tiger Eye

Gold Tiger Eye is a crystal that is golden yellow in colour with a shimmer effect that runs across its form known as ‘chatoyancy’. It is formed when irradiated quartz mineralises Crocidolite (a form of asbestos) in a process similar to the formation of Petrified Wood.

In the ways of healing the Body, this crystal helps to enhance eyesight, both day and night vision, as well as helping to heal broken bones by stimulating the healing process.

When it comes to healing the Mind, Gold Tiger Eye helps the individual identify what the needs and wants in their life are whilst helping to enhance happiness and contentment in these areas of life.

As for healing the Soul, it works to help ground the individual in the reality that is while helping them to work through the ways of attaining the needs of the physical and metaphysical aspects of life.

Gold Tiger Eye is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is located in the stomach region, due to its vibrant gold colouration and its ability to provide the energy of confidence to the person that is in need of this encouragement. It also helps to bring balance to this Chakra by peeling away the layers of that which is hindering the 'gut-instinct' so that one may act confidently while knowing what is ahead.

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