Kilin with Sage Coin Bell

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This Kilin with Sage Coin Bell combines many symbols including goodness, compassion, wisdom and innocence in a lovely hanging decoration. The KiLin (Chinese Unicorn) is the emblem for exquisite goodness, longevity, grandeur, endless compassion and great wisdom.

It is said the KiLin walks both on earth and water, never treading or harming another living creature. The enlightened Sage models qualities of purity and innocence. Coins & Bells have long been considered symbols of good fortune.

When used in Feng Shui, place the bells in your place of business along the West or Northwest wall to entice the fortuitous Shen Chi` to enter. This symbolises protection.

The length of this Kilin with Sage Coin Bell is 400mm and the width is 60mm.

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