Maneki Neko Money Box

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As far back as 5000 years ago, the Maneki Neko Cat has symbolised prosperity and protection for various cultures. The Cat was seen as a symbol of prosperity because it protected the grain from the rats, in ancient Egypt and Sudan.

In Japan, one of the stories about Maneki Neko is that a cat used to sit in front of the Gotokuji Temple in Tokyo, and held up its paw to beckon people in. The temple still exists today, and cat lovers go there to pray for the good health of their pets. This is just one of the many stories about Maneki Neko.

In Thailand, the Goddess Nang Kwok also has her hand raised like the Maneki Neko, to symbolise protection and abundance.

This Maneki Neko Cat is a money box also. It is made from ceramic and seated on a padded red mat and with a golden bell. You can place this delightful Welcoming Cat at your home or business entrance to invite your guests in and to show hospitality.

Each Maneki Neko Cat Money Box measures approximately 85mm and is perfect for collecting your spare change in for just the right time.

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