Orange Agate Slice #1

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This gorgeous Agate slice has been dyed to become an Orange Agate Slice #1 and is a lovely piece that is sure to add to the décor of any crystal lovers home or office space.

Radiating from the centre in bands of orange, red, white, brown and grey, this is a beautiful crystal which one can look at over and over again to discover yet another layer of beauty that is within this piece. Carrying the energy of Grey Chalcedony as well through the outside of its form, this free-standing Orange Agate Slice resonates with the energy of harmony while the energy of creativity from the orange colouring comes forth. This creativity is one of bringing harmony in life by thinking of creative solutions to the problems that come about in everyday life, both for the individual and others.

The piece shown here is the dyed Orange Agate Slice #1 that you will receive at the time of your order. This piece is approximately 14.5cm across, 10cm tall and 4cm at its free-standing base with it weighing around 870g.

Please Note: There is a part of this piece that has fractured off, quite possibly during the polishing process, that is about 2cm by 1cm in size. This is in the bottom left hand corner and is shown in the image for this piece. It does not diminish the beauty of this piece, rather it highlights some of the natural qualities of this lovely crystal.

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