Selenite Flower Candle Holder

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A Selenite Flower Candle Holder is fantastic for meditating with on a Full Moon as it not only purifies the space it is within, but it also helps to enhance your intuition in life.

Carved from a solid piece of Selenite, a Selenite Flower Candle Holder is a beautifully carved crystalline piece to adorn your home or sacred space as the tealight that burns within such a piece amplifies the purifying properties of Selenite.

Selenite is known for its purifying properties as its energy washes through a space like a gentle wave which clears out any negative and hindering energies with ease. As it also has a connection to the Moon, using a Selenite Flower Candle Holder during a Full Moon with a specific intention can help what you desire bloom like a beautiful and abundant flower. Meditating on the candle flame that burns within can also enhance the properties of Selenite which helps to enhance intuition and insight.

Each Selenite Candle Holder measures approximately 8cm wide and 4.5cm tall, making it perfect for a mantle or altar space. As each piece is carved from natural crystal, every one is unique and the piece with the highest resonance will be chosen at the time of your order.


Selenite is a form of gypsum that has a milky-white appearance in a crystal that looks much like that of a fibre-optic cable. It forms through gypsum crystals having combined with seawater due to salt flats flooding over millions of years.

In the ways of healing the Body, this crystal helps with flexibility throughout the spine and joints of the body, especially the wrists and ankles.

When it comes to healing the Mind, Selenite helps to illuminate the bigger picture of any situation so that it can be examined without fear and judgement.

As for healing the Soul, it works to purify one’s energy field while helping one be open to the Angelic Guidance and Higher forms of communication from the divine.

Selenite is connected to the Lunar Chakra, which is located about three feet above the crown, due to its alignment with the energies of the Moon and the feminine aspects within. Its purifying energy clears out any hindering energies that may try to infiltrate the intuition of the individual as it comes down from the Higher Realms to be made manifest on Earth.

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