Tumbled Stone Starter Crystal Kit

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A Tumbled Stone Starter Crystal Kit is a fantastic gift for yourself or a loved one as it contains a great selection of ten varieties of tumbled stones to help any crystal healer get started. Within this crystal kit are four of each of the ten types of tumbled stones along with an information card to help you learn about each of these amazing crystals.

All of this comes within a lovely carved wooden box that is red velvet lined with a brass inlay of an elephant with vines and leaves around it on the exterior. Having four of each of the types of crystal within this Tumbled Stone Starter Crystal Kit ensures that the concepts of stability and symmetry can be achieved – be this in a crystal grid or any form of crystal healing. The crystals found within this kit and some of their key attributes are:

  • Amethyst – Third Eye Chakra – Calming, Awakening and Meditation
  • Black Obsidian – Auric Field – Protection, Spiritual Growth and Rebirth
  • Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra – Confidence, Transmutation and Abundance
  • Clear Quartz – Stellar Gateway Chakra – Cleansing, Amplifying and Manifestation
  • Emerald – Heart Chakra – Love, Prosperity and Loyalty
  • Lapis Lazuli – Throat Chakra – Communication, Self-Discovery and Knowledge
  • Orange Carnelian – Sacral Plexus Chakra – Motivation, Creativity and Revitalisation
  • Red Tiger Eye – Base Chakra – Healing, Strength and Balance
  • Smoky Quartz – Earth Crust Chakra – Grounding, Detoxifying and Wisdom
  • White Howlite – Crown Chakra – Calming, Stress-Relief and Cool-Headedness

While these are some of the attributes and areas that these crystals can help with, it is a wondrous thing to do your own research to find what resonates for you. Most importantly, your intuition and what feels right for you is key as with this, you simply cannot go wrong. A great source of information on these crystals and so much more is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall of which can be found here. Each of the crystals within this Tumbled Stone Starter Crystal Kit is unique and will measure 2-3cm each with the box measuring approximately 20cm across, 13cm wide and 6cm deep.

The Crystals Within This Crystal Kit

These are the crystals within the Tumbled Stone Crystal Kit of which are aligned to many attributes as well as nine Chakras and the Auric Field.

Amethyst – Third Eye Chakra
Being aligned to the Third Eye Chakra, this beautiful purple crystal member of the Quartz Family is linked to awakening to your highest spiritual self so that you can help many in this world with your various spiritual gifts. It also works to help calm the mind during meditation and journeying through the other realms.

Black Obsidian – Auric Field
With its link to the Auric Field, this reflective black crystal acts as a form of spiritual armour that can help protect you from various spiritual and psychic attacks. It also helps with spiritual growth as it reflects and reveals what is needed to be seen from within.

Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra
As it is aligned to the Solar Plexus Chakra, this wondrous yellow crystal member of the Quartz Family is connected to self-confidence and transmutation as it works to clear out any hindrances in life. It also helps with abundance and bringing in the energy and resources needed to achieve what is desired at a higher level.

Clear Quartz – Stellar Gateway Chakra
With its link to the Stellar Gateway Chakra, this amazing powerhouse of the Quartz Family works to cleanse and amplify the energy that comes down from the higher realms into the physical body. It also helps with the manifestation process as it works to amplify the thought forms so they become physical in this reality.

Emerald – Heart Chakra
Being aligned to the Heart Chakra, this lovely green member of the Beryl Family works to enhance the power of self-love that comes from caring for and being loyal to the self on a spiritual level. It also works to bring about the energy of prosperity so that one can work towards fulfilling their soul purpose easily and gracefully.

Lapis Lazuli – Throat Chakra
Being aligned to the Throat Chakra, this wondrous blue crystal helps to enhance communication skills, especially when it comes to expressing divine knowledge and truth, both on a divine and mundane level. It also helps one with the process of self-discovery, especially when it comes to discovering aspects of the spiritual self.

Orange Carnelian – Sacral Plexus Chakra
Being connected to the Sacral Plexus Chakra, this amazing orange crystal helps with enhancing the creative energies as well as the motivation to be creative and to smash through the ‘Artist’s Block’. It can also help with revitalising the soul’s energy so that one can pursue their soul purpose with ease.

Red Tiger Eye – Base Chakra
As it is aligned to the Base Chakra, this awesome red crystal works to bring about healing through the whole body from the ground up as it works to provide strength to all areas of the body that focus on self-healing. It also helps with maintaining balance within the body by enhancing the natural processes that help to maintain equilibrium.

Smoky Quartz – Earth Crust Chakra
With its link to the Earth Crust Chakra, this fantastic brown-black member of the Quartz Family is well known for its grounding abilities as it connects one’s energy to the Earth. It also helps with detoxing the energy field and connecting with Earth Wisdom from ages past.

White Howlite – Crown Chakra
Being connected to the Crown Chakra, this amazing white crystal helps with calming the mind so that cool-headedness may be achieved and the most ideal decisions can be made for the benefit of all. It also works to alleviate stress so that the mind in unencumbered when divine knowledge is being bestowed upon the individual.

Ideas for Using This Crystal Kit

Balancing Your Chakras
There are two ways you can work to balance your Chakras with the crystals found in this Tumbled Stone Crystal Kit.

The first is by sitting with four of one crystal type, aligned with the cardinal points around you as you sit, either on the floor or in a chair. Ask the crystals to work towards balancing the aligned Chakra and breathe deeply for a few minutes or as long as you feel drawn to do so. When ready, take one focused deep breath, open your eyes and thank the crystals for their help.

The second is to lie down and place the crystals aligned to your Chakra points on them with Smoky Quartz for the Earth Crust Chakra approximately 12 inches below your feet and the Clear Quartz approximately 12 inches above your crown. Ask the crystals to balance your Chakras easily and gracefully before breathing easily for about five minutes, or longer if you feel drawn to do so. When you are ready, remove the crystals from on and around your body, sit up slowly and then thank the crystals for all that they have done.

Manifesting Intentions
You can work towards manifesting your intentions with this Tumbled Stone Crystal Kit by utilising the information provided above as well as whatever you learn or come to know through intuition.

Setting up a grid with up to four crystal types can work wonders in any manifestation you seek. Trust your instincts and have fun. One example of a manifestation grid is:

Manifesting Abundance & Prosperity
By using Emerald, Citrine, Amethyst and Clear Quartz, you can create a grid for manifesting abundance and prosperity. By placing an image of what you desire, be it a new car, bills being taken care of or even business success in the centre of the following grid, these crystals can help you manifest what you desire.

Place what you desire on a flat surface, preferably an altar or sacred space, and then, in alignment with the four cardinal points, place four Emerald Tumbled Stones - one at each point. Then place the Citrine about 3cm from the Emerald, then the Amethyst, followed by the Clear Quartz. Now spend a moment talking to the crystals and asking them to help you manifest your desires easily and gracefully. Finish by thanking the crystals and allow what you desire to manifest.

Have faith and know that it is so. When you feel that they have done what they needed to do, thank the crystals and remove them from the grid in the reverse of what you placed them in. If safe to do so, burn the image of what you desired and scatter the ashes outside. This is an offering of thoughts, thanking the Cosmos for manifesting what you desired.

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